About Us


Roselyne Vertil founded Serenity Assisted Care Living as a result of her personal experience with her neighbors. She found her calling when she began assisting her neighbors with their groceries and other daily chores. Her passion extended into finding other people to help her friends and neighbors with their activities of daily living. These people didn’t have immediate families available to call upon; they were basically alone. Roselyne’s personal compassion and the enjoyment is derived from helping the people you love, along with those that don't have that special loved one to help. She understands what it's like to have someone open a friendly door when needed. Welcome to Serenity Assisted Care Living where living right matters.

At Serenity Assisted Care, We Provide: 
  • Diabetics care, including monitoring blood sugar and administering insulin 
  • Three meals daily according to doctor’s orders, including snacks throughout the day 
  • Monitoring of vital signs 
  • Medication assistance and help 
  • Early Stage of Dementia care 
  • Incontinence care 
  • Ambulatory and non-ambulatory care 
  • And more  
*Residents At Serenity Assisted Care Living will be allowed to “Age in Place”. Residents must not be bed bound upon move-in. 
Roselyne earned her Associate Degree in Lab Technology at New York Technical College. She later earned her bachelors degree in nursing at New York City College in New York City.

Roselyne gained more than 21 years of experience working with elderly residents in New York and Texas. The additional knowledge and experience enabled her to be more helpful to families during the stressful time of having to make decisions about where a loved one should live to get the care they need and deserve. In her spare time, Roselyne enjoys spending time with her family, traveling with her husband and singing in choir. She moved from New York to Beaumont, Texas 21 years ago, and she loves the area and the people. Making a difference in someone else’s life has always been her passion, and her work at Serenity Assisted Care Living has made her life’s passion and dreams a reality.

Most of our rooms are private with the exception of three double rooms. We have no point system and no monthly increase in fees as a result of the need for a higher level of care. Activities are enjoyed on a daily basis and all residents are encouraged to participate. The grounds are accessible with walking paths that accommodate walkers, wheelchairs and motorized transports. We are very aware of the security our residents require, which is why our property is fenced and gated. All exterior exits are equipped with security alarms.